Heli Assisted Splitboarding



Valdez, Alaska

Helicopter access to unbelievable mind blowing splitboarding terrain eliminates the need for long valley slogs so you can concentrate on shredding your line.  All of the reward of traditional splitboard touring, without all the uphill.  You and your crew will be flown into sick lines right from the get go!  After landing and ripping your first line, you’ll have endless options to tour, hike and shoot photos of your bros.  It doesn’t get any sicker than this.  This is a great option for the splitboarder on a budget. The trip culminates with a tour back to the road where a shuttle will provide access into town. The best thing about this program is the flexibility to do additional heli runs if the group decides to do so. Alternatively, to do one additional heli drop in the afternoon. We can even schedule a pickup to get us back, leaving us with plenty of time to rip more lines in a designated area. This customizable package requires a minimum of 3 guests.



INCLUDES: One day of heli assisted splitboard touring with a certified heli guide, local knowledge, snow safety and transceiver briefing.

DATES: April 7-28 (2017)

COST: ($400-$800 pp) *Depends on how deep we fly/roughly 10-20 minute flight times (4 person minimum/or you pay the difference)

* We partner with the best Alaskan heli operators in the business to bring you 5 star skiing in an unforgettable mountain setting


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