Splitboard Guides International operates a hands on professional snow safety program and adheres to the protocols set by the Canadian Avalanche Association. Our Guides routinely perform snowpack tests and monitor weather conditions, all so that we can evaluate and forecast snow stability and avalanche hazard.  Our guides are certified professionals in avalanche safety and mountain hazards. We apply the latest avalanche risk management techniques and forecasting procedures, as well as practice safe splitboarding and group management. SGI will assess the safety of the entire mountain to the individual ski run by routinely gathering information from field observations throughout each day. This helps to make good decisions regarding the avalanche hazard, snow conditions, snow stability, and inherent dangers the mountains may present. We take avalanche safety and mountain protocols very seriously. We want our guests to have a safe, enjoyable experience, while respecting the decision making process, and all decisions that are made for your safety.  Please remember there are always inherent risks involved when in the mountains, even when all risk control measures are in place.


With SGI you can be assured you are in good hands. On all our trips we have three primary goals


  1. Your Safety – We never sacrifice this goal.
  2. Your Enjoyment and Care – A positive experience is what we strive for.
  3. The Objective – Whether a summit or the full completion of a splitboard tour.


This goal never trumps the first two. Although we do everything we safely can to accomplish the objective at hand.

 Splitboard Guides International and there guides strive for a S.A.F.E day to give you the ultimate trip!



“You will be required as a participant/guest of  Splitboarding Guides International to sign a release of liability and waiver of claims agreement prior to engaging in any trip”


In spite of all safety precautions, accidents and avalanches can happen. This is part of the risk involved while skiing or riding in the wilderness. Before we can invite you to explore our terrain with us, you must sign our liability waiver acknowledging that you understand and accept the risks involved and do not hold us responsible for any misfortunes. Please read through the copy of our waiver closely so you are familiar with the rights you are signing away before you book with us and arrive for your trip.


Download Waiver Form